The Grand Challenge Penang

The Grand Challenge Penang

2 June 2018 – The Grand Challenge Hackathon Series kicked off in Penang last weekend. Over 80 professionals, software developers, IoT experts and programmers from all over the country came together at @CAT Penang on June 29th to participate in The Grand Challenge Hackathon Series 2018. The Grand Challenge in Penang was just the first of 4 hackathons scheduled in various parts of Malaysia.

The Grand Challenge in Penang focused on developing an innovative and cost-effective methods to monitor and track advertisements on outdoor billboards. Many city councils are facing a challenging task to monitor and track the locations of outdoor billboards. The process gets even harder to ensure the advertisers have obtained necessary permits and licenses. The three- day event witnessed fifteen teams working around the clock to develop 15 different Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to address the outdoor billboards tracking issues.

The event was organised by I Tech Train Sdn Bhd. and supported by MDEC. @CAT Coworking Space and Knowledge Group of Companies are the strategic partners for Penang hackathon while it was sponsored by Penang state government and KnowledgeCom Corporation. At the end of the final day, a panel of judges from various backgrounds such as IT, Penang Island City Council, business, and research & development, in addition to tech founders selected team MobEye as the winner based on creativity, marketability, uniqueness and impact the MVP exhibits. MobEye brought back home a grand prize of RM6,000 cash.


MobEye developed an embedded system which consists of Raspberry Pi integrated to a 360-degree camera to do image processing of the banners and infrastructure. Using a moving MPPP patrol car, image recognition technology will match with the banners to detect the legal, illegal and expired banners.

The aim of The Grand Challenge is to bridge the gap between hackathon partners and start-ups to create a vibrant start-up ecosystem in Malaysia. 3 Other hackathons with their own themes and strategic partners are scheduled in Johor, Kuching and Kuala Lumpur between July and October.



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