BANGSAR, KUALA LUMPUR – Eight teams from all over the country participated in The Grand Challenge Final conducted on October 3rd in Nexus Convention Centre during Next Big Tech Asia Conference. These 8 teams are the winners and runner up in TGC Penang, Kuching, Johor and Kuala Lumpur respectively. One day of Hackclinic was conducted by Mr. Faris Othman from Frost& Sullivan to brush on the team’s pitching skills and presentation deck.

I Tech Train and MDEC arranged six judges from various background to evaluate the teams market potential, business model, marketing strategy and go to market capabilities.
The judges were:

  1.   Datuk Vinod Shekar, Founder and CEO of Petra Group
  2.   Ms. Julia Koh, Founder of Brand360
  3.   Mr. Khalil Nook, Business Developer for Close Noop
  4.   Mr. Ben Lim, Founder Nexea Startup Funds Asia
  5.   Mr. Maznuddin Zainuddin, Innovation Lead, Telekom Malaysia


The Winners were:


First Prize: Native 404

Our solutions support jungle trekkers which are already lost. It focuses on the 1st level of rescue. There are two solutions. First solution, the rescue ranger will utilize a drone to search by detecting available signals on and off the trekking zone (depending on their strategy). Whereas for the hikers, they are encouraged to use wearables e.g. smartwatch (collaboration with the park management, the devices will be rented to the trekkers) which emits signal transmission to indicate the presence of hikers. Apart from that, we are also looking into preventing the trekker from going towards the wrong direction. Using the same technology, signals emitting from the wearables will be detected by the receiver located off trekking zone (somewhere away from the trekking trails). The trekker will be alarmed that they are going towards the wrong direction. Further research will be done for improvement and effectiveness of deployment.


Second Prize: ExploAR

ExploAR is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) based one Augmented Reality that is used to cater for tourists around the globe. The idea came to life to tackle one of the biggest issues cities and business face while trying to promote tourism and businesses in a certain region. The issue in hand is the lack of tourism traffic mobilization. That means that existing tourists in a certain city will usually come to visit very few main stream attractions and spend the rest of their times wondering unsuccessfully what else they could be doing, which takes away from an amazing wider experience they could have visiting other non-main stream attractions, reduces the time and money spent by them in a certain city and in turn reduces the exposure cities and business are trying to have.

However, most cities have variety of interesting attractions and activates they can offer to those tourists. That was the aspiration behind our solution, listening to various business owners and community activates, it became clear to us that the remedy for these pain points can be developed by redirecting existing tourists in certain main stream attractions, after they are done, to other non-mainstream attractions around. The method we are using, to accomplish our goal, is push notifications that are sent to tourists’ phones using local free WiFi in hotels, malls, theme parks, and other destinations. Using free WiFi, which is the first thing tourists ask for, we are able to control the type of notifications they are receiving. The notifications will be attracting them to various spots around the city using promo codes, provided by partner businesses, and interactive AR games using a reward system.


Third Prize: Team Markers

Spottle is a fun and adventurous app that’ll take your visit to national parks to a whole new level. Ever wondered what species of plant or animals you’ve encountered in national parks are? Spottle incorporates machine learning & image recognition algorithms to be able to instantly identify and inform you on details of the flora or fauna you’ve encountered in your exploration of national parks. Moreover, the unique mission & achievements feature integrated within the app, allows you to gain a sense of adventure and thrill while observing species of flora or fauna that you’ve not yet captured with the Spottle app. Lastly, on your adventure of capturing flora and fauna, the safety tips feature in the app aims to raise awareness on trekking safety while providing relevant information on the regulation’s setup by national parks.