Big App Challenge 4.0 Final

Big App Challenge 4.0 Final

The final event for National Big App Challenge 4.0 was held on the weekend of December 17th. The National competition is a showcase of how hackathon winners came up with the best solutions for are transforming lives and enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. From January until November this year a total of 10 MDEC-endorsed hackathons were held, and the top two winners are exclusively invited to the final where the quality and impact of their projects will be evaluated by industry leaders serving as judges.


Ukay Wizards, (who earlier won Malaysia Airlines Berhad Hackthon) claimed Grand Prize by presenting an app that gets parents and guardians notified on the travel status of their child. Whether they are going through customs, baggage collection or arrival at their destination, parents are notified and provided a status update with photo, providing a peace of mind to parents and guardians when their child is travelling alone.


The event saw 16 teams bringing out their best in pitching and presentation. All of them were winners from various hackathons endorsed by MDEC from early 2017 and sure it was a tough decision for the judges.


Ukay Wizards is currently working closely with MAB for the actual implementation of the app an integration to the Airlines ground process.


1st Runner Up was PEGIS, a group of ambitious ladies from Penang who made a really snappy yet beautiful mapping app intended to facilitate mobility senior citizens, children and OKUs. The app enables OKUs and senior citizen find special parkings in Penang with ease.

2nd Runner Up was D8, self-taught tech guys who focuses on connecting victims of abuse, (in their presentation it was a case of a foreign worker) to the relevant organizations thru chatbot via Instant Messaging platforms like (Messenger, WeChat) or SMS or email. Potential victims will be able to reach out anonymously and be monitored over time by answering periodic surveys.

Congratulations to all participants and well done to all winners!


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