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At the peak of the competition, eight winning teams from the first four hackathons battle each other in The Grand Challenge Final conducted on October 3rd during Next Big Tech Asia Conference. The teams were earlier prepped by Mr. Faris Othman from Frost& Sullivan to brush on the team’s pitching skills and presentation deck. And guess who won? Read more..


It is the road to final! The finalists from each hackathon were gathered in ADAX, Bangsar South for a comprehensive coaching session to ensure their pitching goes smoothly. Hackclinic, was intended to expose the finalists to the do’s and don’ts of pitching ideas and mastering the flow of presentation.

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Held in KCOM Petaling Jaya, Participants spent 3 days collaborating and creating occupancy sensors for parking lots and car garages. These Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and system will conserve energy by dimming lights in parking lots when there is no foot traffic. The data collected can be used for energy saving, behavior pattern analytics, parking bay management and more. Read more..


Heads up hackers, the Johor Hackathon is up next! Happening on 7th until 9th of September, we call for participants from Malaysia’s southern region. Participants will develop solutions for:
•Travel Guide for visitors to state of Johor
•Enhance visitor experience to Johor
•Provide information about local attractions and encourage visitors to explore them

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Borneo hackers from the academic and professional field alike, participated in the the three-day hackathon event, which focuses on problems faced by hikers in Sarawak forest.  Forest Department Sarawak was also present as judges who gave marks based on creativity and marketability of the ideas by participants. Read more..


Nothern hackers get their act together in The Grand Challenge in Penang which was held in @CAT Penang. The solutions were focused on developing an innovative and cost-effective methods to monitor and track advertisements on outdoor billboards.

Endorsed by Penang Island City Council, the participants were presented with a problem: city councils are facing a challenging task to monitor and track the locations of outdoor billboards.  Read more..


Hackathon is all about encouraging and celebrating technical and creative capacity, connecting citizens with employers, investors, venture capitalists, technology partners and government for great outcomes, and building upon the Digital Economy Development Initiative.


Hackathon is where individuals involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including subject-matter-experts, collaborate intensively to create usable software and normally lasted for few hours or days depending on the complexity of the problem statement being addressed.

The Grand Challenge

The Grand Challenge TGC is a competition event organized by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) as a platform to surface raw talent and encourage open innovation. It gathers programmers, designers, creative thinkers and the like – in the field of big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI throughout Malaysia (will be organized by region). The winners from the respective region will compete at the final during the Next Big Tech Asia 2018 to be crown as the overall champion.

TGC will be collaborating with respective local regional ecosystem players to promote corporate innovation by promoting hackathon as venues for Talent Recruitment, New Innovations and getting private sector to sponsor data sets for the hackathons.


Regions in Malaysia


Themes of TGC


teams to final


prizes await

The Grand Challenge will comprises of the following hackathons:

1. Penang
2. Johor
3. Sarawak
4. Kuala Lumpur
5. The Grand Challenge Final – Top 8 teams will compete for the final that will be held during the Next Big Tech Asia 2018 happening in 2-3 October 2018 at Connection Nexus, Bangsar South

Grand Challenge Hackathon series comprises of 3 themes:

1. Internet of Things (IoT)
2. Big Data Analytics
3. Artificial Intelligence

Target Participants

• Startups, Working adults, Professionals, SME, Solution Providers, PhD or Master’s candidates

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